The Boredom Buster is back!

3rd December 2020

Get your engine humming this summer – the Boredom Buster is back!


We’ve rounded up our team’s top five reasons you won’t want to miss this epic deal. Book online for just $99, and you’ll get to experience New Zealand’s only heavy machinery playground – what a steal!


  1. A slice of adventure you won’t forget
    If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be REALLY powerful, now’s your chance to find out! Our Boredom Buster gives you the opportunity to get behind the controls and operate a five-tonne digger – that’s an adventure you won’t experience every day!

  2. Practice some sweet party tricks
    As well as digging, dumping and pushing your way around our giant gravel pit, the Boredom Buster gives guests the chance to learn some pretty epic moves. How does mastering a 360-degree spin sound? What about digger gymnastics? Add some skills to your repertoire for the best bragging rights this party season.

  3. Fully instructed fun
    If this is all sounding a little bit intimidating, never fear. Dig This Invercargill is grunty fun for everyone – the Boredom Buster is suitable for everybody aged between 12 – 112 and, in the hands of our friendly and experienced instructors throughout, you’ll feel completely at ease as you tame this grunty piece of machinery.

  4. Run, don’t walk!
    We’re always popular during the holiday season. If curiosity is getting the better of you, get in quick to book your spot today.

  5. An introduction to the world of big machines
    Once you give the Boredom Buster a try, we think you’ll be hooked. New Zealand’s only heavy machinery playground Dig This Invercargill offers guests the most incredible range of experiences – start in our five-tonne digger and soon you’ll be taking on the big boys: our 15-tonner, grunty bulldozer, zippy skid steers and even the opportunity to crush a car. Once you start, you won’t want to stop!


If you’ve ever been curious about what life behind the controls of our grunty machinery would feel like, this is your opportunity to find out. Click here to find out more.