Professional development in Invercargill with a difference

26th September 2019

Dig This Invercargill’s new professional development courses are designed to provide a truly ground-breaking experience.

Dig This Invercargill manager Lex Chisholm says the courses have been expertly developed with clear objectives in mind, so organisations get to build their skills while at the same time ticking off an experience on many people’s bucket lists.

“We’re the only heavy machinery playground in New Zealand, but Dig This Invercargill is much more than just a fun day out,” he says.

“Dig This will level the playing field and push your team outside of their comfort zone.”

Every guest will have the chance to operate heavy machinery including bulldozers, skid steers and diggers while working through a series of on-field challenges, followed by discussion especially tailored to meet specific learning objectives.

The first module is based around the concept of developing coaching skills. Learning these principles will enhance a wide range of skills, from inspiring people and bringing out the best in every individual, to overcoming obstructions or improving questioning and listening to make conversations effective.

The second module is designed to build high performance.

It will help participants better understand how to adapt and tailor their leadership style to different settings, communicate effectively with team members so that everyone contributes to team goals, and effectively resolve conflicts and promote positive work cultures – all skills crucial to the forward progression of any corporation.

This workshop will be facilitated using a combination of classroom-based learning and the ‘big toys’ at Dig This.

Each module take six hours to complete, and they are suited for 6 – 12 people.

Participants must complete on-field safety orientation (including an alcohol breath screening test) and wear sturdy footwear. The cost of training includes a catering package, a course facilitator and Dig This instructors, and exclusive use of the Dig This Field for the day.


Module 1 - $8000 - $1333 p.p. for six participants

Module 2 - $8000 - $666 p.p. for 12 participants