Dig This has a blast at Rangatahi Zone

10th October 2022

The Dig This Invercargill team is proud to have been a part of the first-ever Rangatahi Zone event in Bluff during these school holidays.

The Dig This Invercargill crew on-site at the three-day event included instructor (and proud Bluffie!) Kiri-Ann Parry, who says she was blown away by the turn-out.

“We had an absolute ball at Rangatahi Zone, and the turn-out was absolutely amazing – especially since we had a couple of days of snow!” she says. “It was really cool to see so many young people giving lots of different activities a crack, and it was great to see them loving our duck challenge.”

The skills of our rangatahi were pretty impressive too, tourism operations manager Courtney Russell says.

“Our fastest time for the duck challenge during the three days was a super-speedy 45 seconds, from an 11-year-old boy: he was absolutely outstanding!” she says.

“We were really pleased to be part of Rangatahi Zone. It’s always great to be part of community events, especially causes like this that support our young people. We had so much fun – we’d definitely be keen to jump on board again next time around.”

Rangatahi Zone gave young people from around Southland the chance to try their hand at dozens of activities, all completely free: from axe-throwing to makeup tutorials, mirimiri, song-writing and, of course, the duck challenge on our mini-diggers.

Led by Tuurama Trust and other community backers, Rangatahi Zone was all about adding fun, healing, inspiration and creativity to the Murihiku community.